Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep Web Designs Simple

Often when developing a design for a web page, people without graphic design experience (and some with) tend to put to much content into a page. This makes the design hard to navigate visually and literally. To many pictures, flash animations, videos and to much text makes for a confusing design. For example Evans Politics has to many visual elements. It is confusing and overwhelming to the eyes. Every design should offer some visual relief to avoid overwhelming the viewer with content. Another example of this can be found at This site. My previous post stressed the need to use whitespace in your web designs. Negative space can be used in a web design to offer the viewer a "Visual Rest" and will help to make a web design less confusing. For Example, well to tell you the truth after searching for several different key phrases including, "design" and "less is more", all I found were web pages that had every div filled with something. Please let me know if you find a good example of a web design that does not overwhelm the eyes and doesn't take forever to load. Some examples such as This page are simple and easy on the eyes but they take to long to load.
Therefore, try not to overload your web designs with content not only because it can overwhelm your viewers eyes but also because it can be hard to establish a visual hierarchy with such a design.

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