Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whitespace in Web Design

Often a web designer will know to use whitespace in their design as a design element rather than filling the entire space with content such as pictures or text. What must be remembered is that whitespace is content.
Everything that an audience is viewing is content that they will respond to. In other words a blank page is something that we see just as much as a page filled with other visual elements. Whitespace can be used by designer to create asymmetrical balance, lead the viewers eyes through a design, create contrast and many other things that can help a design look professional.
On This site the whitespace and the shape of it is used to create not only a dynamism but also to create asymmetrical balance. On the other hand if the whitespace is ignored then it can cause a site to look amateur. For example in my opinion on the space between the header and the body of its text looks so bad it seems like a mistake.
Remember that white is just the default value of a web page and of most paper but that does not mean it is not a value. In RGB (Red, Green, Blue) which is the color gambit of computer monitors the value is expressed as #FFFFFF. So it should be treated as a value.
Therefore, make sure that when you create a design remember that your audience is seeing the negative space as well as the other content that you are uploading.

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